Mrs. Wiley's 3rd Grade Troops


     Students will have many changes this nine weeks.  They will be writing all spelling in cursive.  Also, they will all have spelling contracts to complete each week.  We are also going to be completing reading logs in a notebook instead of reading sheets.  As we progress through the year, the contract and reading logs will change.  I am also going to be giving no credit for no name papers.  It is past time for me to be giving remiders for this.  No name work, will in most cases be thrown away.  If you have questions, please just ask!

     The biggest change to undergo this nine weeks, is that I will be leaving to have my baby.  The office and Mrs. Pribble are in the process of finding my replacement.  When I know something, I will let you all know.  I have left lots of plans, outlines, suggestions, and notes about how our classroom works.  Whoever will be filling in for me will do an exceptional job with your children.  I will be returning after Spring Break in April.  My last day will be Friday, Nov. 13.  I am being induced early the following week.      

       Be sure to check out the parent page to see what is going on in the classroom each week.  You will also find a schedule and other important reminders here.  There are new pictures on the What Have We Been Doing page from Conservation Days and the Fall Party!




NES Mission Statement:

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